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Vinayal On Sunboard

NHSignage is the latest form of outdoor advertising. Such signage utilizes digital printing and sun-board to add more life and attractiveness to the display boards. The sun-board digital printing signage is definitely more attention-grabbing than the ordinary printed signage and thus is absolutely fit for the contemporary out-of-home advertising.

The NHSignage is great for displaying the product and its information as well. The clarity and appearance of the content in NHSignage is in par with the product's picture. So this modern signage option not only put across a sharp and clear picture of the promoted product, but also offers an equally good form for the written details. For instance, if there is a signage for an ice-cream parlor, a NHSignage will not only display the pictures of ice-creams in a tempting manner but also include the content such as the names of different ice-creams, combo offers, prices and any other content with equal sharpness.

The amazing and noticeable appearance of the digital sign boards is basically a result of the hi-resolution printing and appropriate lamination. A combination of the dpi printing mode and matt/gloss lamination is ideal for giving you a display board that has the ability to turn the heads. So if you are planning an outdoor advertising campaign for your organization, you must include a digital form in it. You may take a look at our services related with digital and other forms of outdoor advertising to get the best in the contemporary market. Get an eye-catching NHSignage made with imported vinyl that is self adhesive and can be used for matt or gloss lamination.

It Can be customized as per requirement and Offered at reasonable pricing.

Item Size Quality Available Colour Minimum Quantity Rate
Vinayal Any Size Avery, LG & Equlent High Quality 4-Pass Solvent Printing In Toyo Japan Ink Pasted On 3-MM Sunboard Multi Colour Printing Any Qty. .